Family Law Attorney

Giovanna Augusta de’ Manzano, lawyer of the Court of Trieste, provides legal advice and assistance specialized in the field of family law, rights of vulnerable people, of women and criminal law, with particular attention to the protection of the person and of the family. As a journalist, she writes on topics related to gender and social issues.

She is a member of the Observatory of the National Family Law, an association the purpose of which is the study and research in this area of the law.

She collaborates with associations concerned with the protection of the family and of vulnerable people.

She is studing the arabic language and she has attended courses on islamic culture.


Areas of competency:


– Separation


– Divorce after marriage or civil union


– Protection of unmarried couples living together and living together contracts


– Custody of minors


– Pre-Marriage counselling


– Fathers’ Assistance


– Grandparents Assistance


– Protection of women and mothers


– Spouses Assistance


– Economic counselling to the family